MBONE and CU-SeeMe Information

MBONE Concert Details:

This will be a VIC/VAT mbone as well as a CU-SeeMe feed.

The MBONE broadcast will begin on January 16 at 10:00 am PST with a multimedia educational presentation which will highlight the accomplishments and contributions of the late Dr. King. This broadcast will continue until 1pm PST. Later that evening at 8:30 p.m. (PST), Clarence Fountain of The Five Blind Boys of Alabama will be sharing memories of his friendship with Dr. King followed with a live performance by his gospel band.

The MBONE is an experimental multimedia broadcast service, using the Internet as a prototype of the broadband networks that will be provided in the future by telephone and cable TV companies. Some additional information on the MBONE is available at EIT. There is also a gif image of a map of the mbone at ftp.isi.edu:/mbone/.

To see the broadcast you must be at a site that has a powerful computer and a high speed network connection. Currently only powerful workstations like those from Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, and Digital Equipment Corporation can receive MBONE broadcasts.

The network connection required is pretty heavy too, an ISDN line connection (or better) is currently required. Don't despair too much, an ISDN line is a fraction of the capability that is provided in many of the Interactive Television trials. Many of the trials of ITV are using a technology called ADSL which includes the equivalent of a T1 line and an ISDN line.

If you already have access to MBONE broadcasts, just look for "House Of Blues / IUMA" and you'll be watching.

If your system administrator hasn't set it up yet, but think that you are technical enough to get it set up in a day, these quick and dirty instructions should help get you on the air.

CU-SeeMe was developed at Cornell University for distance learning. CU-SeeMe is video conferencing software for the PC and Macintosh on the Internet. CU-SeeMe users can connect to the Cornell CU-SeeMe reflector at More information about CU-SeeMe is available at the Cornell University CU-SeeMe FAQ.

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