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Tea Party concert
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IMN Internet Services 8:00PM TO 9:00 EST March 24th 1995
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Tea Party is from Windsor, Ontario (it's near Toronto) Their debut album was Splendor Solis. Their new album is entitled The Edges of Twilight, it will be released in Canada on March 28th as well as Germany, France and the bulk of Europel; April 3rd in the UK, April 7th in Australia and New Zealand and in the rest of the World on April 10th.

The Tea Party will begin their world tour on April 12th in Australia, then to New Zealand on to the U.K. in early May, then in Germany and the rest of Europe mid to end of May.

They will contiue across Canada through June, through the USA in July, early August. Back to Europe and the UK for all the festival dates in the end of August and early September.Back to the USA for the Balance of September Back to Australia and New Zealand in October/November TBC.

Early December --day off whew!

The Edges Twilight was co-produced by lead singer/guitarist Jeff Martin and Ed Stasium. The first single world-wide is Fire in the Head. 31 instruments were used in the recording, done at A&M studios in LA.