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Saturday, October 21

The Great American Music Hall

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Saturday October 21 the new entertainment company MediaCast will launch a truly virtual nightclub for net surfers around the globe by broadcasting the Mermen live from San Francisco's Great American Music Hall. This NetCast will be the first in an ongoing series of live broadcasts over the internet featuring today's coolest bands.

These NetCasts will include real-time audio, video, and digitally-produced still photographs which will be available for downloading from the Internet and World Wide Web according to each participants technological capabilities. Saturday's program starts up at 11:00 PM (pst) and will feature one of San Francisco's leading bands, The Mermen, who have just signed with Mesa/Blue Moon records.

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During the day of the event, information began appearing on this page in the afternoon, starting with QuickTime interview clips until the Mermen took the stage as the MBONE and CU-SeeMe broadcasts went live. At that time, this page will included a link to the Living Web Page -- the web page which was updated as the show progressed.

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