Saturday, October 21, 1995

Talent: The Mermen
Venue : The Great American Music Hall
Venue Liaisons
  Louisa Spier
  Allen Whitman (Internet)
Real-Time Network Audio/Video
  Eric Davis (MBONE)
  Jon Luini (Cu-SeeMe)
Audio/Video Engineers
  Jesse Block (video)
  Jon Fox and Brad Knop (interview video)
  Marcus Buick and Matt Stamos (audio)
  Roz Jones (board audio)
Living Web Page Integrators
  Elan Papa and Robert Altman (digital photo gallery; photographs)
  Jon Luini (QuickTime clips and digital photo gallery; integration)
  Philip Golden and Jon Luini (interviewers)
ISDN Technician
  Randy Bias
Internet Broadcast Connectivity
Hardware Loans
  Addicted To Noise (PowerMac 8500)
  Jim Petersen (PowerMac 6100)

This event was produced by MediaCast
and coordinated by Jon Luini.

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