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Sunday, November 5, 1995

Talent: Ray Kane, Keola Beamer, George Kahumoku, and the Ku'u Lei Aloha dancers
Venue : Will's House
Label Liaisons
  Ben Churchill (Dancing Cat Records)
  Chris Courtney (Windham Hill Records)
Venue Liaisons
  Will Hobbs
  Curtis Tyler
  Chris Courtney
Real-Time Network Audio/Video
  Eric Davis (MBONE)
  Russ Granger (Cu-SeeMe)
Audio/Video Engineers
  Jesse Block (video)
  Tom Hughes and Matt Stamos (audio)
Living Web Page Integrators
  Kam Kashani (sound clips)
  Jon Luini (poor-person's cu-seeme)
  Michel Hoche-Mong (QuickTime clips)
  Elan Papa and Jack Satta (digital photo gallery; photographs)
  Russ Granger (digital photo gallery; integration)
Internet Broadcast Connectivity
Hardware Loans
  Kam Kashani (SGI Indy)
  Russ Granger (PowerMac 6100)
  Will Hobbs (PowerMac 7100)

This event was produced by Global Artists and
MediaCast and coordinated by Will Hobbs.

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