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The Bobs @ The Great American Music Hall, Nov 11, 1995

[The Bobs: Backstage 6] [The Bobs: Backstage 5] [The Bobs: Backstage 4]
Backstage 6 Backstage 5 Backstage 4
[The Bobs: Backstage 3] [The Bobs: Backstage 2] [The Bobs: Backstage 1]
Backstage 3 Backstage 2 Backstage 1
[Russ Teasdale from InterNex] [MediaCast setup 2] [MediaCast setup 1]
Russ Teasdale from InterNex
hangs out backstage
MediaCast Tech Setup 2 MediaCast Tech Setup 1
[Joe Bob Finetti] [Richard Bob Greene] [Janie Bob Scott]
Joe Bob Finetti Richard Bob Greene Janie Bob Scott
[Matthew Bob Stull] [Group Shot] [Crowd]
Matthew Bob Stull The Bobs! The audience, mesmerized
and entertained by the Bobs

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