MediaCast Chat With Poi Dog Pondering's Frank Orrall

Frank: Hello out there it's Frank.......come on back.

paxis: hey frank!
Shaun: Greetings from Berkeley
Sneef: Hello Frank!
paxis: hello from rainy Boston
Frank: hey... where are you?
Sneef: Is there going to be a moderator for this, or is it a free for
Sneef: all?
Frank: free for all
paxis: free for all--there's only 7 of us!
Sneef: I'm about 45 miles south of SF. See you at the show!
Shaun: so the last time i saw ya'll you were traveling in a brown van
Shaun: is it any better
Shaun: letely
Frank: alright!
paxis: they've snazzy bus now...
Frank: Yes we are traveling in a bus, there are 16 of us to 11 bunks
Frank: so its cozy
Sneef: So Frank, there's such a spiritual feel to all your music, but
Sneef: what are your thoughts on "organized" religion, and which
Sneef: would you associate yourself with? (IIf you don't mind
Sneef: answering...)
Sneef: (hello?)
Frank: I feel there is a spirit to all us living things that is
Frank: undeniable, what is it that animates us I do not know, I feel
Frank: life force, but have no expectations of the after world.......
Shaun: right on!
paxis: wow..The Force
paxis: stay away from the Dark Side, Frank :)
Sneef: Frank, did you grow up "in the islands?" (Hawaii)
Frank: as far as "organized religion" I don't mind any, so long as
Frank: people are free to believe what they want and are not having
Frank: anything stuffed down they're throat.
chillin': Wow! Hello Frank!
Frank: yes I did grow up in hawaii, honolulu
Shaun: Is it different playing with a different line up do you miss
Shaun: Ted?
layla: hi there!
Frank: as far as the dark side goes, you can't stay away from it, we
Frank: are made up of both parts and you just have to sort it out for
Frank: your self, I like my dark side, that the voice in "diamonds
Frank: and buttermilk" that primal greedin
Frank: Yes I miss Ted, he and I stay in steady communication,
Frank: brothers from hawaii
Frank: But I love this line up, really love it! I feel creatively
Frank: inspired with them
Sneef: Well, I'm off to the show. See you there Frank.
Frank: see you
Frank: sneef
layla: it's so great to see you online, frank! thanks for all the
layla: tour updates via the mailing list. :)
layla: how's the second leg treating you all?
Frank: you are welcome
Shaun: So do you have any idea how many tickets will be available when
Shaun: the box office opens?
paxis: Pomegrante seems to a have a really sexy thing going on...
paxis: Sandra, D&B--I love all of it--was that planned or did it
paxis: just happeen?
Frank: very well, the band is getting tighter and tighter
Frank: both S.F. shows are sold out
layla: great to hear. i havent seen you guys since about '91. tonight
layla: should be wonderful!
Frank: yeah sensuality figures alot on this record
Frank: it's an important part of life
paxis: any further comment on that?
Frank: this is hard!!!!!! like a party line not that I mind
Frank: hey moses
Moses: hey
Frank: hey
Moses: this is cool
Frank: yeah
Frank: come on back good buddy
Shaun: Where is the Rue Pond in Barry Vermont?
paxis: I love Palm Fabric Orchestra--any chance of more things like
paxis: that cd?
layla: overall, how do you like the whole online communication thing
layla: you've been taking part in lately?
Frank: paxis.....the vocals for diamonds and buttermilk were done
Frank: stark naked in pitch dark
paxis: that should keep him busy for a bit :)
Frank: yes there will be a new palm fabric disc next year, im glad
Frank: you liked it,
Frank: layla, ive really enjoyed it, we dont call him astro for
Frank: nothing
layla: haha
layla: i've had trouble finding both the palm fabric and pomagranate
layla: cds since they're independent. any suggestions?
paxis: Frank, what are your thoughts on "making it big", lots of
paxis: nationwide radio play ect. do you think about it at all?
paxis: Ever?
Frank: you can always contact the poi office via snail mail, soon we
Frank: will be on line at the office also,
Frank: well it would be nice to be a bit more well known so we could
Frank: take the size show we are able to in chicago, which sometimes
Frank: incorporates a string section, a hip hop dance troupe,
Frank: basically almost like the circus coming t
Frank: MediaCast approached us
paxis: <---needs to get to chi-town
layla: i'd love to see that sort of thing all over the country.
chillin': tip of the hat to you for getting involved in a new and
chillin': foreign media. even tho this group is small, it's really a
chillin': nice way for fans to be able to get to know you guys better.
Frank: paxis back to your Q. at this stage, after all the hassel with
Frank: sony records, I just want to make good records, have the best
Frank: shows we can, and all else can fall where it will, I just want
Frank: to be proud of our work
Frank: layla it would be fun
Frank: thanks chillin
paxis: I think that's a great attitude, and it shows
Frank: thank you, I only like getting on stage knowing I got some
Frank: supprize
Frank: in store for the audience
chillin': what's in your walkman right now?
paxis: Chicago has treated you well--do you really like being
paxis: centered there?
Frank: fresh fruit .... its a dance compilation that is tough as
Frank: nails, house o matic
Frank: yes chicago has been a great place for us to grow and
Frank: experiment
chillin': what are your thoughts on the brit pop invasion? Are you an
chillin': Oasis fan?
Frank: I haven't heard any of that stuff really, only the singles, I've
Frank: been way to busy with poi
paxis: have you always been a house fan? it never really seemed to
paxis: influence earlier albums
Shaun: frank have you been playing endtrace on thtour if so can you
Shaun: play it tonight
Frank: yes i've always loved dance music, african, jamaican, even the
Frank: pogues were dance music to me, house is just fine tuned dance
Frank: music, look at how much energy is produces to a room full of
Frank: people
Frank: shaun, we havent been playing endtrance or entrance tis tour
Frank: although it will be back
paxis: a lot of energy!
Shaun: well gotta go get BART see you tonight i'll be at 20-tank a
Shaun: few pints
paxis: will you really be coming back east in the spring?
Frank: my ideal show would be where the music got to a place where
Frank: the band just almost disappears and we are all dancing half
Frank: naked and crawling around on our hands and knees
Frank: totally lost and sub-concious and sweating
paxis: YES! Do THAT next time you're in Amherst, MA
Frank: yes there will be a full tour in the spring march/april
Frank: we'll try
Frank: when I say "we all" i mean everyone in the room
paxis: you bet!
layla: as it should be. :)
layla: i think that feeling comes through at the live shows now even
layla: though we all remain clothed. :)
paxis: oh, my friend wants me to tell (type you) that as a lesbian,
paxis: she really likes Sas Sandra, and the chorus "no kinds of love
paxis: are better than others..."
Frank: yes I do too, and i think the half naked bit is more a primal
Frank: music emotion thing, thats how music hits me sometimes
paxis: you ooze of sexiness, Frank
Frank: thanks to your friend, that line you mentioned, is from the
Frank: velvet undergrounds song some kind of love"
Frank: thanks paxis, nature calls
layla: i'm going to have to get going up to the show now.
chillin': thanks for hangin' out Frank.. Good luck with the show!
Frank: sorry all I'm getting called to sound check, thanks so much,
Frank: feel free to stay on, see you out there in this world
Frank: thank you
paxis: I'm going to check out the Web stuff--thanks frank
layla: thank you so much for all the beautiful lyrics and music
layla: you'guys have given us through the years. :)
Frank: aloha
paxis: and the liner art too!
paxis: :)
layla: aloha frank
sl'lee: Thanks for joining us for a chat session with Frank Orrall.
sl'lee: See ya all soon!
umlaut: yay.
paxis: that was pretty cool
sl'lee: Mbone and CU-CMEE info for tonight's show available at
sl'lee: http://www.mediacast.com/
layla: umlaut: did you check out the songs on the web page? what did
layla: you think?
paxis: have fun, everyone goin' to the show
chillin': thanks pax!
umlaut: i didnt hear yet.
layla: ah
layla: bye all
sl'lee: This concludes tonight's chat. Thank you all for being here.
sl'lee: :-)

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