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Saturday, December 9, 1995

Poi Dog Pondering
Slims, San Francisco

Living Web Page Sound Clips

The living web page sound clip collection will contain both high-quality MPEG and low quality Sun-AU format sound excerpts they are taken during the concert. All you need to listen this portion of the Living Web Pages is to download the sound files and have a sound player which can handle MPEG or Sun-AU. IUMA has a great resource of players and configuration information in the help section. Netscape users will have the page automatically update for them every few minutes, and other browser users will want to click their Reload button every once in a while to load the latest sound clips.

In case you haven't heard of Poi Dog Pondering before, you can get a good sample of their music from these clips from their latest release, Pomegranate.

Song Title MPEG Stereo MPEG Mono Sun AU
catacombs 1.15MB 578k 385k
big constellation 1.08MB 540k 360k
god's gallipoli 1.08MB 540k 359k
shu zulu za 1.38MB 691k 460k

Live Sound Excerpts

Song Title MPEG Stereo MPEG Mono Sun AU
Big Constellation
(54 sec)
1.3 MB 640k 430k
(45 sec)
1.1 MB 540k 360k
Get Me On
(52 sec)
1.2 MB 620k 413k
Jackass Ginger
(48 sec)
1.2 MB 575k 382k
shu zulu za
(40 sec)
978k 485k 323k
(46 sec)
1.1 MB 540k 360k
(45 sec)
1.1 MB 544k 362k
(46 sec)
1.1 MB 549k 365k
Thanks MediaCast
(45 sec)
1.1 MB 540k 360k
shake of big hands
(57 sec)
1.4 MB 681k 453k

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