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Sunday, December 10, 1995

Grateful Web

The Fillmore, San Francisco

7 - 9pm PST

This was an MBONE, Cu-SeeMe, and Living Web Page event

Wondering what to do before the jumping in?
The answer is simple--
- Configure your computer to view the event!
- Check out the Grateful Web site

[All Access Pass]

MediaCast is proud to have been asked to join in bringing this event to the Internet community-- your all access pass for the Internet. Even though the timeframe was short, the connectivity was solid (thank you, ISP), and we were able to bring MBONE, Cu-SeeMe, and Living Web Pages up during the event. We are excited to bring a new section of the Living Web Pages with this event, the interviews with the crowd (Dead Remembrances, below). Xing Technology was there in full force broadcasting both audio and video with their new technology, which you will shortly be seeing as part of most MediaCast events. Without further delay, we invite you to experience the images and interviews we've captured for you:

Living Web Page Photo Gallery
Dead Remembrances - Interviews with the crowd
An archive of the chat, courtesy of simulCh@t

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