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Sunday, December 10, 1995

Grateful Web
The Fillmore, San Francisco

Dead Head Remembrances

Photos by Cory Smith and Jon Fox
Transcribing by Linda Dailey Paulson
Interviews by Cory Smith and Linda Dailey Paulson

Scott and Megan from San Francisco:
"When I think of the Dead, the best time would have to be the encore -- Day Tripper -- in Portland (Maine) Civic Center 1985. I saw the light..." -- Scott
Bob from RockMed:
(first show was 1969 in San Bernadino)
"My most memorable moment was sitting on the back steps at the Kaiser with Bill Graham watching the Oakland Hills fire. Jerry called and wanted to know if he could come watch and Bill told him to stay home. The next week, Bill died. At Bill's funeral Jerry sat in the third row and cried.

"My favorite New Year's Show was December 31, 1983: I was dancing in the hallways at the San Francisco Civic Center. The boys kept on playing. This young, voluptuous 18-year-old was twirling in the main lobby. She had this long, flowing skirt on. ... At the end of the song, she pulled her skirt up above her knee and she wrote the name of the song. After every song, she would pull up her dress and write down the name of the song. Obviously, I couldn't take my eyes off her. It was the longest set list.

"Then came the encore and it looked like there was no more room .... I got up and started screaming, 'One more song, Jerry! One more song!' He played another and another and this went on song after song untill the set list was from her knee to well above her wast band on her underies, and this set list almost never ended I finely couldn't scream any more and I walked over to her and asked her for her name. She said "Irene" and I said "Goodnight" as my girlfriend came out from the crowd in front of the stage and we went to my van as Jerry played the last song.

To find out how long the New Year Eve Dec 31, 1983 set list was check out: gopher://nemesis.Berkeley.EDU:70/00/set-lists/83

"The first time I felt old at a Dead show was New Mexico. It rained on the first two songs in the first set and thunder showers came across the desert. After about 40 minutes, Jerry stuck his head out from behind this tarp. The tarp blew away. Just as we thought the show was canceled, Jerry came out and struck the first cord of Revolution. A rainbow came out over his head and stayed there for the rest of the show."

Bob says he had an encounter with some local teens who weren't too up on the Dead setlist ...

"The girl said, 'Hey, Jerry wrote a new song.'

"I said, 'It's a John Lennon song. You know, of the Beatles.' "She said, 'Who are the Beatles?'

"The boy with her answers, "They were the back up group for Wings.'

"I'll always remember Sept 1983 Santa Fe New Mexico was the first time I felt really old.."

The Cave Man, Wayne Hobby from the Haight

Fillmore Blues

There is no music today
That is why the people space away
To the Fillmore to hear the ghosts
To talk to Bill, the genial host
The 'Plane, they did fly
Hendrix made the guitar cry
Janis, Jim where you be
And the Dead when they were free
So much music, can't ya see
Before Music became a capital monopoly
Two, Three, maybe Five
Not much to hear the music live
Now it's Twenty, Thirty, maybe more
Oh, Lord get me back to the Fillmore
Fillmore Blues I got em bad
Fillmore Blues I'm so sad
Sitting here stoned on History
Thinking of the day when we were free
Thinking of shooting my ole T.V.
Cause violence, hate is all I see
Where's the Love that used to be
Take me back to the Fillmore
Let me hear the Music just once more.

Bob from BGP
Looking forward to the next 30 years!

Jon Rochmis from Oakland
The Dead taught me how to dance in 1973 at Winterland. "As long as there's music there will always be the Dead."

David Repp, Fillmore manager
"This isn't the end of the Grateful Dead, but a new beginning. It's really fun here in San Francisco. Check us out and enjoy!"

Angel and Randy, from Grateful Deadland
"Thanks for a lifetime of enjoyment." -- Angel "It takes a while for it to really sink in. When someone like Jerry goes, it leaves a really big hole. A really big hole." -- Randy

Deirdre and Mikey from Seattle
"It was a beautiful experience to be a part of. And the only thing I'm frightened of about the future is I don't know who my family is anymore. Once I had a ticket and got in the venue, I knew I could hug you. It wasn't because you were wearing a uniform of corduroy and ripped jeans. ... It was because we were family and we were all in the show together. I knew I could give you a hug." -- Deirdre

"When the Grateful Dead all came together, it was a place where you could go and be in complete freedom. We're going to pull it together as Heads. We'll keep it together. We're gonna miss it. " -- Mikey

Merl Saunders, Sumertone Records (merlsndrs@aol.com) and friends of Gibson Guitars
"The memories are many and start with something that happened in '72. We played together for Ethiopian relief. Jerry said he'd make it. 'I'll just fly out and fly back for the benefit.' Nobody was doing benefits at the time. He flew out and played this benefit at the University of California. He was into it.

"He was also responsible for my starting singing. He said, 'I don't sound like Bing Crosby. You don't sound like Nat King Cole.' He was very encouraging.

"When he fell into a coma. I was at his bedside every day for two months.

"He was a wonderful man. The wound won't be healed for a long time. I can keep playing the music."

James Taylor Jones and Fran Harris from Richmond to Marin:
"From 69 in Rose Palace in Pasadena, an incredibly belligerant, drug inflicted asshole, became an incredibly beautiful human being, known as a Dead Head. The greatest pleasure in life that I could possible imagine is to be a Dead Head. The community I've known is Jerry inspired. He absolutely replaced my mom and dad as someone who taught me how to live." -- James

"Feeling alot of sadness now with the announcement that the Dead are no longer a group. It feels like I lost Jerry all over again, but at the same time, I know that the Dead Heads will continue to find ways to get together and dance, and continue to do good things in the world. I'm concerned for all the charities that the Dead have contributed so much to and ask all Dead Heads to keep on doing their part." -- Fran

"Herb Bud" from the Milky Way (not the candy bar)
"Are we dead yet?"

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