Rally for Free Speech in Cyberspace
Thursday, December 14, 1995

Speakers: Todd Lappin, Mike Godwin, Howard Rheingold, Audrie Krause, Michael Goldberg, Jim Warren, John Gilmore, Jonathan Steuer, Dorothy Ehrlich
Venue : South Park, San Francisco via the HotWired office
Venue Liaisons
  Todd Lappin
  Jim Peterson
  Dean Gaudet
  HotWired, Wired, and MediaCast (Internet and Traditional)
Technical Coordinator
  Eric Davis
Real-Time Network Audio/Video
  Jon Luini (MBONE)
  Michel Hoche-Mong (Cu-SeeMe)
Audio/Video Engineers
  Brad Knop, Jesse Block, David Avery (video)
  Cory Smith (audio)
Living Web Page Integrators
  Michel Hoche-Mong (QuickTime clips)
  Cory Smith and David Avery (interviewers)
  Elan Papa, Jon Fox, Jack Satta (digital photo gallery; photography)
  Jon Luini and Ishak Kang (digital photo gallery; integration)
Internet Broadcast Connectivity
  Internet Shopping Network
Additional Hardware Loans
  HotWired (PowerMac 6100)

This NetCast was produced by MediaCast and coordinated by Jon Fox.

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