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Thursday, December 14, 1995

Rally for Free Speech in Cyberspace
South Park, San Francisco

Living Web Page Photo Gallery - Elan Papa

"USA Out of My URL" Tshirt Todd Lappin Jonathan Steuer viewed through the crowd
Poster for "The SaferSex Pager" Netizens Are Americans Too! Mike Godwin
The MediaCast banner As if the previous shot didn't take care of it ... "Protect Your Kids from Congress"
Jonathan Steuer
Jonathan Steuer Jonathan Steuer John Gilmore
John Gilmore Howard Rheingold Mike Godwin viewed from the crowd
Fuck Censhorship No, that's not actually our flag First Amendment poster
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) banner Dorothy Ehrlich
Dorothy Ehrlich Crowd Crowd
MediaCast's Brad Knop Don't Ban Virtual Books Cyber Rights NOW!

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