8th Digital Art Be-In
Thursday, January 11, 1996

As the complete Be-In event was coordinated and produced by Verbum, we don't wish to be redundant in listing all of the integral people on their side here as well, so included are links to appropriate staff, performers, and interviewees:

Be-In Staff
Main Stage Performers
Visionaries Interviewed

The following credits are specific to our production itself and the people and organizations that were directly involved in making it happen smoothly and efficiently.

Event : 8th Annual Digital Art Be-In
Venue : Transmission Theater, San Francisco
Be-In Liaison
  Michael Gosny
Venue Liaison
  Stefen Franz
  Be-In (Verbum), Queenie Taylor, and MediaCast (Internet and Traditional)
Technical Coordinator and ISDN Technician
  Eric Davis
Real-Time Network Audio/Video
  Michel Hoche-Mong (Cu-SeeMe)
Audio/Video Engineers
  Jesse Block (video)
  Marcus Buick and Tom Hughes (audio)
  Michael Feldman and Mark (house audio)
Internet Broadcast Connectivity
  Internet Shopping Network

MediaCast's portion of this NetCast was produced by MediaCast
and coordinated by Jon Fox and Cory Smith. All other (non-Cu-SeeMe)
aspects of the event were co-ordinated and produced by Verbum.

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