HP: Lew Platt Keynote Address from UniForum '96

MPEG & AU Audio of the Keynote Address

The following 30 - 60 second audio clips are available. For your convenience we made them available to you in both MPEG and AU formats.

The following MPEG and AU clips of the keynote address are available :

Description MPEG AU
Opening Comments (120k) (160k)
The UNIX Value (291k) (388k)
Open Enterprises (330k) (440k)
HP and the Internet (353k) (471k)
The Next Stage (252k) (335k)
Building Bridges / PC and UNIX (160k) (274k)
Competition and Collaboration (Part 1) (262k) (349k)
Competition and Collaboration (Part 2) (329k) (438k)

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