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Tuesday, March 12, 1996

Joe Satriani Live Chat / Performance
ISP Networks, San Francisco

Real Time Chat

In order to join the chat, all you need is a copy of a program (such as NCSA Telnet) which allows you to open a telnet session.

In the "host" field, enter icb.mediacast.com and wait for a window with a prompt which looks like:


Enter icb, at which point it will prompt you for a nickname to use while in the chat. Choose one, and read the short instructions it will display to you.

If your web browser is configured properly, the following link may start up a telnet session for you automatically:
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Enclosed is an incomplete transcript of what went on in the ascii chat.

   Nickname     Idle  Resp  Sign-On  Account
  *moderator       -     -  11:47am  falcon@icb.mediacast.com   
   satch           -     -  11:17am  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   twiggy          -     -  11:45am  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   Tone            -     -  11:49am  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   vanguri         -     -  11:51am  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   Seattle         -     -  12:04pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   dima            -     -  12:05pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   Lou             -     -  12:07pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   joepom          -     -  12:10pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   Rusty           -     -  12:12pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   conor           -     -  12:17pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   lomonaco        -     -  12:18pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   thanos          -     -  12:19pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   dave            -     -  12:21pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   java            -     -  12:25pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   mick            -     -  12:25pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   Rubina          -     -  12:26pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   Jeff            -     -  12:27pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com
   andre           -     -  12:40pm  icb@icb.mediacast.com

<twiggy> I'm downloading CUSEEME right now, gonne get it up real quick
<twiggy> :)
<flavor> hello
<satch> hello out there
<twiggy> hi there
<satch> hi twiggy
<satch> where are you?
<twiggy> I'm in illinois. Suburbs of Chicago. hope to see youo at the
<twiggy> Riviera
<satch> we'll be there
<twiggy> Any clue how much the tickets will be? <grin>
<satch> alot
<Tone> I'm in Chicago also. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet.
<satch> :)
<twiggy> Well, they'll have to be my 18th birthday present then.
<vanguri> i've got tickets to see you at the roseland in new york...
<vanguri> could you hook me up with some backstage passes?
<satch> 18, is that legal?
<twiggy> Sure is :)
<satch> do you know who you're talking to?
<twiggy> Yes. Mh'mm I do.
<satch> yea, who?
<twiggy> considering the nick "satch" my first Guess would be Joe
<twiggy> Satriani ...
<satch> not!!!
<satch> it's jonathan, i'm on joe's cpu
<twiggy> Oh? Heh
<vanguri> joe, can you throw time machine on the nyc set list?
<satch> heh vanguri, what gives?
<vanguri> hey joe?
<satch> yes vanguri
<vanguri> how does your tentative dc show look?
<satch> dc is now baltimore, sorry.
<satch> hammerjacks i believe
<vanguri> that's ok... i'm going to new york in april to see you guys.
<satch> hammerjacks is pork central!!! see you there
<moderator> the cuseeme/mbone/chat is now starting
<moderator> i will do my best to type in notes for those without cuseeme/mbone
<Seattle> I think it is most excellent you are having this interview and
<Seattle> chat on the Internet, and not some commercial service!
<moderator> stu hamm has introduced himself as an aquarius
<moderator> jon is drummer from "einstein" and has been recruited to play in
<moderator> the "satarini" band as joe says
<moderator> stu was the first one to cut his hair, but now he's the long-hair
<moderator> of the group :}
<moderator> and jeff compiteli is on the far right
<moderator> joe says there will be no nudity on this show -- a *clean* one
<moderator> "I love my web site. i don't go anywhere without it" -- joe
<moderator> "i am going to get a web chip in my head"
<moderator> the web site has a "guitar gallery" so he can chose what guitar
<moderator> he wants to play
<moderator> jonathan is on the powerbook sharing the mike with joe
<vanguri> how did you enjoy your first few shows... compared to time
<vanguri> machine and previous tours?
<moderator> joe says hello to andrew (who provided a bootleg of a show)
<moderator> on the topic of the recent european tour: stu- "awesome"
<matt_p> is joe on?
<moderator> jeff- "doubly aswesome"
<*matt_p*> how old is joe?
<*Rusty*> Joe, why won't you play "Crushing Day" live? We'd love to
<*Rusty*> hear it!
<moderator> in may they'll be in rio on the 21st
<moderator> then to san paolo
<moderator> stu's thanking fender australia now
<moderator> a question from robert kelly:
<moderator> "do you have any plans to do a joint venture with steve vai in
<moderator> the future?"
<moderator> joe- "yes, yes, yes, yes... no"
<moderator> [laughs]
<moderator> "yes, steve sent a message the other day. we may get eric johnson
<moderator> involved as well"
<moderator> "it usually takes months to process..."
<moderator> question from "miko jensen": "how can i join your band?"
<moderator> joe- "lots of money. send it to the john faber foundation.."
<moderator> question from haka: "hope you have fun on the tour. do you plan
<moderator> to come here down under?"
<moderator> joe- "yes, we are doing a pacific rim tour. probably late may or
<moderator> june"
<moderator> question from vincent: "how do you achieve creating such songs
<moderator> and sounds for each album?"
<moderator> joe: "i reach deep down inside and pull it out... i have no idea.
<moderator> stu hamm knows all about me"
<moderator> stu- "i'll answer any question.... i can't answer that question"
<moderator> joe- "we need new nicknames for the band members"
<moderator> since jonathan is watching the powerbook, you can just type some in.
<moderator> stu- "i'd like to say hello to my dad who is snowbound..."
<*joepom*> do you get smoke blown in your face all the time, or is it
<*joepom*> just a San Francisco thing?
<moderator> question from carly: "how did you end up doing shows with chris
<moderator> duarte and will you play more?"
<moderator> joe- i'd never seen him before but we got hooked up through a
<moderator> mutual friend joe"
<moderator> joe- "chris also needs a nickname..."
<moderator> question- "will you do any clinics or shows in upstate new york"
<moderator> joe-" i never do clinics"
<moderator> jonathan- "well, you did that one {health} clinic..." [laughs]
<moderator> joe- jonathan and stu do clinics
<moderator> stu won't be doing any locally soon, but may do some out of the US
<moderator> question from matt: "joe, how old are you?"
<moderator> joe- 73 [gets up to leave :}]
<moderator> prepare any questions you may have..
<moderator> question from adrian: "how do you compose?"
<moderator> joe- "start out with a strong cup of coffee.. call stu... ask if
<moderator> he has any ideas. calls jonathan and bounces stu's ideas off him.
<moderator> joe- "calls jeff and put it through randomizing program.. bouncing
<moderator> off pluto
<*Seattle*> Do you plan to do a show in Seattle anytime soon?
<lomonaco> is your tour in Brazil confirmed?
<satch> where are all the nicknames
<satch> yes
<moderator> "everywhere you go people lighting up.
<thanos> Joe, will you be coming up to Canada anytime soon?
<moderator> a show in seattle will definitely be coming
<satch> yes, toronto
<dave> how about denver?
<moderator> keep an eye on the web site for tour dates
<moderator> rusty's question: "why don't you play crushing day live?"
<moderator> joe- "it's the one song none of the band, including me
<moderator> likes to play. i don't know why. it sounds good on the album"
<moderator> joe- "it's a painful song to play live."
<moderator> joe- "the last time we played it was in sacramento in 88"
<moderator> stu - bill graham was there that night
<moderator> joe- and he probably said "joe, don't do that again.." [laugh]
<dave> the new album is another masterpiece
<*dima*> And Moscow?
<twiggy> joe: "The Luminous Flesh Giants" would serve as a decent nick
<twiggy> for the band
<twiggy> :)
<moderator> question- "when is stu coming out with a new cd and will joe
<moderator> play on it"
<moderator> stu- new album will be mellower-- busy right now touring with joe
<moderator> stu- since joe didn't play on the last 2 i dont think i'll even
<moderator> ask him ...
<moderator> question from eric: "what happened with epic records offering a
<moderator> deal to do a vocal project
<moderator> joe- "well i did this bobby mcferrin thing -- 48 tracks--- project.
<moderator> it's sitting on the shelf.. why? you tell me!"
<moderator> joe- the cool thing is that i am moving to epic records. i'm
<moderator> getting rid of the house.. going to camp out [laughs]
<moderator> joe- everyone in the group has side projects... jon has "einstein"... it looks like this (holds up new satriani album)
<moderator> but it has einstein's name on it
<*lomonaco*> is your tour in Brazil confirmed ?
<moderator> any more questions?
<moderator> mar 22nd a prospero chat from san antonio
<moderator> it'll happen just before the gig
<moderator> joe- when we were planning our set list, we took feedback from the
<moderator> web for the set list as well as planning the singles which would
<moderator> be released
<*Seattle*> When will Joe be playing in Seattle?
<*Rubina*> do you think you will be doing an accoustic album anytime in
<*Rubina*> the future?
<thanos> Joe, given how much and how fast you play, do you ever
<thanos> experiece any pain in your hands? I'm a guitarist and I often
<thanos> have this problem myself
<Jeff> Joe, why don't you play "crushing Day" live?
<*Tone*> "How frequently does Joe and the band access the Internet and
<*Tone*> the Web?"
<*java*> What about the tour in Brazi?
<moderator> joe- we might do some non-satriani songs like from einstein and stu
<mick> Joe, what was the idea behind the song "always with you
<mick> always with me"
<moderator> joe- brazil is confirmed. 17th,18th,19th,21st in rio 22nd in
<moderator> san paolo
<vanguri> as a suggestion for the set, then, how about time machine...?
<moderator> joe- and yes.. most everyone in the band has laptops
<*joepom*> what did that note on Mike Manning say?
<moderator> joe- except stu... "john faber will be supplying them with
<moderator> one.." [laughs]
<twiggy> Joe: any idea if / who will be touring with you? And any
<twiggy> ideas on the length of the set?
<*Jeff*> Joe, why have you never played "crushing day" live?
<moderator> things are going to be wrapping up
<*dima*> Will we ever see you here in Russia?
<moderator> joe is focusing now onto the chat..
<satch> i am very glad to be in this country
<moderator> [note: jonathan is a fine typer... no wonder he's with the computer]
<satch> what's my nickname?
<satch> please check out Einstein!!!
<joepom> what did the note on Mike Manning say, exactly?
<satch> thanx
<satch> the note says
<satch> mike manning you lying son of a bitch... what the fuck do i
<satch> pay you for
<moderator> joe- there's a track that was done around the time of the new
<moderator> album which didn't really fit on the album
<moderator> joe- and we are going to play it here now (cuseeme and mbone) and
<moderator> also put it on the web. it's a track called "time"
<moderator> joe- this has been fantastic. thank you everyone. thank you for
<moderator> checking out the web site
<moderator> joe- thanks to everyone here
<satch> check out stuart's solo cds too
<moderator> joe- we're going to go eat now ... to john faber's cafe [laugh]
<joepom> thank you.. :)
<twiggy> Thanks, joe
<satch> bye twig
<Tone> See you guys later!
<vanguri> thanks... have a good tour guys
<moderator> fell free to continue to hang out and chat if you like.
<moderator> thanks a lot to those who showed up
<moderator> a transcript of the chat will appear online on the web site
<joepom> do messages to the webmaster typically get forwarded to Joe?
<Tone> bye

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