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New content!
Sept 17- All Audio Clips from Primus' set now in RealAudio 3.0!
July 23- New Live QuickTime Video Clips from Primus' set!
Complete Primus setlist w/ mpeg/au/realaudio excerpts
(5/14/96) (5/14/96) Addicted To Noise review integrated
new mpeg/au audio and photos for Weapon Of Choice
(5/14/96) (5/14/96) new mpeg & au audio for goldfinger
Chat archive w/ photos
(5/9/96) (5/9/96) Connectix Crowd Snaps

The live event is over, but that doesn't mean you can't still check it out!

The live feed is over, and we thank all of you who chose to tune in live. If you did, please drop us a comment and let us know what you thought. We're always looking for valuable feedback on how to make future shows (and re-broadcasts) better!

We've captured loads of content and what we put up during the show is just a small fraction of what we've got in the way of exclusive backstage interviews, live footage from on-stage, and more travels with Bob C. Cock. To make things easy, we've split things into a raw content area and a more pleasant experience with our on-the-scene coverage. We will continue to add material until this area is bursting at it's seams-- all new footage which is added will show up in the "New content" listing above. Those of you interested in hopping directly to listening to the music should click straight into the name of the band you want to hear in the timeline bar above.



Wondering what you may have missed out on live?

MBone If you had a machine configured for the MBone, you would have looked under session directory (sd) for MC: Primus and clicked on Open to bring it up. There were two listings, one for audio and one for video.
CU-SeeMe Mac and Windows folks were connecting to our reflector at cuseeme.mediacast.com. If that one was already full, or was slow for you, one of the ISP-TV reflectors also carried a feed.
cuseeme.mediacast.com (
www.digex.net (
other ISP-TV reflectors
RealAudio Thought we hadn't planned on broadcasting anyone other than Primus, we went live via RealAudio for Goldfinger's set. Once we did, a link appeared which RealAudio configured folks could click on to start hearing the show as it happened!
Live Moderated Interview The online interview took place at 7:00 - 7:30pm PDT in Addicted To Noise's "Talk Talk" section.

Info: ATN "Talk Talk" help
Living Web Pages This content is what you see above, so check it out there! Content includes (and will continue to expand to include) ATN show reviews afterwards, JetPack on-the-scene coverage, digital still photograph gallery, and RealAudio audio and QuickTime video clips.

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