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what was the mood backstage during the chat?

We would like to thank all of those who participated in the Primus chat, moderated by Addicted To Noise Editor/Publisher Michael Goldberg. We've uploaded the raw transcript of the chat, and audio and video soundbites will be arriving in the coming days.
Update: stills have been added!

To try and make this transcript easiest to read, the following colors are used for each person:

Violet Moderator Michael Goldberg or chat admin Jon Luini
Red Les Claypool
Green Larry "Ler" LaLonde
Blue Tim "Herb" Alexander
Orange Bob C. Cock
Black All of the people who came in to join the chat.

Herb, Ler, and Les
The Primus line-up...
Herb, Ler, and Les

Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg probes into that which is Primus and integrates the fan's submitted questions into the interview.

Jon Luini attempts to break typing speed records in transcribing the chat for online participants.

Admin Les, Ler and Herb are wandering around back stage right now, and the chairs and camera crew are getting set up. We should be starting shortly.
Admin Please do not request to talk as of yet. We have collected hundreds of questions from the net over the past week Michael Goldberg will cover topics included in those then at the end we will take some questions from here. if the boys in the band are feeling up to it, we'll see if they want to put their hands on the keyboard.
[Status] admin changed the topic to "primus is in the room"
Admin les, ler, and tim are all set up like ducks in a row of chairs
M. Goldberg can you expain the primus aesthetic?
Les we're sort of the anti-aesthetic.. no, not really...
M. Goldberg there's a very offbeat sort of off center approach...
Les it's not so far off center if you're a fan of such things.. ie, if you're a residents or beefheart fan if you are a bon jovi fan, it is a bit to the left... we were chastised by spin magazine in our last review .. i agree with that guy compared to beefheart we aren't all that weird
M. Goldberg most kids these days haven't heard of captain beefheart.. you are sort of carrying on the torch of those types of eccentic music
Les true
Ler yup
Les but i don't know if i would get as heavy as that. for one thing, i l never listened to beefheart or zappa.. the only zappa i listen to is from being exposed to him by ler what we do pull from is things that all three of us listen to -- ranging from the beatles to old public image and others.
M. Goldberg do you think the influence of the beatles shows up in your work?
Les definitely.
M. Goldberg what's an example?
Les i've always been attracted to songs which tell tales. whether it's maxwell's silver hammer or metermaid, i've always been attractred to that. if you're familiar with primus stuff, you can see... paul mccartney was a fabulous bass player

"I have a girlfriend." - Ler
"but he wears a ring anyways" - Les
"that's cuz of all of the girls.. just boatloads of them.. who want to meet me... in my dreams... that is" - Ler LaLonde

Herb, Ler, and Les
The band has the final word in who opens for them.

Bob C. Cock
"adam (points to him) has been extremely busy putting together the primus and prawn song pages. theoretically we'll launch in summer." - Les

M. Goldberg jason lafrance sent in a question: "who invented those damned people plastic people costumes?"
Les vive la france!
Les they were invented by a guy, steve johnson from x-fx, initially for a foster's beer commercial which the duracell people picked up on.
Les jimmy iovine from interscope was always recommending we use it
M. Goldberg are you open to suggestions like that, or is most of primus from internally?
Les a good idea is a good idea.. that was a good idea
M. Goldberg there were a lot of questions about your relationships..
Les i'm married.. have the hardware to prove it (shows ring)
Ler not married... girlfriend..
Les but he wears the ring anywas...
Ler that's cuz of all of the girls.. just boatloads of them.. who want to meet me... in my dreams... that is
M. Goldberg people were wondering who you like to play with
Les actually, i've wanted to play with weapon of choice for a while
M. Goldberg do you usually have a lot of say in those things?
Les it depends- for the most part you have your wishlist and go through it.. find out who is releasing new stuff and who is not too big.
M. Goldberg but you have input on who plays?
Les we have final say, yeah
M. Goldberg you've dabbled in computers for a while... tell us about prawn song designs
Les well, it's starting slowly.. then we go on tour and things stop. we have an office now.. walls that are midnight blue and black carpeting.. lava lamps are being erected as we speak. it has been a slow process.. adam (points to him) has been extremely busy put ting together the primus and prawn song pages. theoretically we'll launch in summer.
M. Goldberg what will you be doing?
Les initially we'll do web pages for other gropus.. interscope has expressed interest in us doing some of theirs.. hopefully step into more enhanced cd projects.
M. Goldberg will you do another primus enhanced cd?
Les no real plans ..
M. Goldberg why is that?
Les there's a lot of food on our plate right now.. it's not the first thing on my mind ... ler, what about you?
Ler it's the first thing on my mind.. let's start now! (laughs)

Herb A Primus live album requires a lot of time spent listening to all of the raw recordings to choose from... "Somebody is already doing that" - Herb

Robert Altman and Les Claypool Veteran photographer Robert Altman captures Les commenting on why there are so many food references in the last few albums... "maybe i'm working towards becoming fat?" - Les

M. Goldberg so you are going to take some time off?
Les a little ... i might do some film work with friends mark core and rob shapiro. ler has some stuff he can't talk about .. i also have a side project of music with friends that may come out.
M. Goldberg and there is going to be a live primus album?
Les yeah.. shooting for the end of the year
M. Goldberg so someone has to go through all the recordings..
Herb somebody is already doing that
M. Goldberg so that's you?
Herb yeah, i'm going through them.
Ler he loves it... he was listening to them just earlier (all laugh)
M. Goldberg question from the net... "what in the hell is hellbound 17 1/2 ?"
Les we were hoping that someone would make something that could be the theme to .. it hasn't happened yet. it was just a stupid thing ler and i came up with one night which we thought sounded cool
M. Goldberg why so many food references in the last few albums?
Les maybe i'm working towards becoming fat?
Ler 300 plus
Les i knew once we titled the new album punchbowl we'd get people asking about the food reference.. the same as with sausage. there's humor in food... like gary larson draws in his cartoons.. i dunno, it just keeps coming out.. it's just there.
M. Goldberg you've been touring for nearly a year.. what do you do to keep it fresh?
Les that's a good question (all laugh)
Les we change our set every night.. we changed production on this tour to make it a bit more lax.. the last tours were a bit more elaborate. we're also doing more old tunes.. you just try and rotate things and keep it interesting.
M. Goldberg many fans said they noticed the old stuff and liked it...
Les yeah.. maybe it's polite way to say they don't like the new stuff.

Ler and Les
Who was the inspiration for the netcast?

"you all were (pointing around).. actually, flapjacks was the inspiration." - Ler

Bob C. Cock
"we're getting about 200 messages a day (to the website).. we tell them to piss off.. each and every one of them!" - Bob C. Cock

M. Goldberg martin from the net heard ler on club wired and said he heard ler say he was possibly interested in netcasts. he wants to know if that was partially inspiration for tonight.
Ler no. you all were (pointing around).. actually, flapjacks was the inspiration.
Les he's an old, dear friend and said "hey you want to do this thing?" and we said "yeah."
Admin note: flapjacks is dave libby, mediacast project manager for this event
M. Goldberg what do you think about how present the net is becoming?
Ler i saw a billboard with just a big url address on it. i don't know what it means, but ...
Ler the (Primus) web page is going well...
Bob C. Cock we're getting about 200 messages a day.. we tell them to piss off.. each and every one of them!
Les bobcock forwards the interesting ones to us. it's difficult on the road.. we'd rather go down to the bar than go online
Ler i've had a phone line at all places across the tour, but none have worked. so i play computer golf instead.
M. Goldberg what do you think about the sex pistols and ramones activity?
Les i have no thoughts on that whatsoever... actually, i did want to see the pistols.
Ler when the dead kennedys get back together, i'll be excited.. i am from the dead kennedy's era.. i've never seen the ramones. i guess this is my last chance...
Les it's a helluva chance .. lollapalooza.. i did see rock n roll highschool and it was a fine film.

Ler and Les
"(making artwork for the new album) was a bit of pain with no sunlight .. it's always fun to create though. (no sunlight from being holed up in front of the computers)" - Les

Herb points out a question
Herb points out the way a fan shows their last names align vertically and horizontally.

Les with a knife
Les does a great Jack Nicholson impression

What's the one special thing from this tour?

"playing golf with les and ler" - Herb

"saving the universe from space robots" - Ler

when i almost blinded our assistant road manager with a pellet gun. an adrenaline moment... it was sad... it was evil. children shouldn't do that. - Les

M. Goldberg arnold o'brien wants to know if les went to school with mike patton
Les no. i did go to school with kirk hamster, though.. another famous rock-n-roller.
Admin ok, questions coming... who wants to ask?
vicki How fun was it to create your own artwork for the new album?
Les it was a bit of pain with no sunlight .. it's always fun to create though. (no sunlight from being holed up in front of the computers)
vicki Well, it was worth it! We loved it.
mirv Did Mirv ever show you how your last names match up vertically and horizonatally?
Admin the band is dumbfounded with the question, mirv...
Tweaker What song, in your humble opinion sucks the most live?
Les tommmy the cat... ler doesn't get to play enough
Ler i agree with whatever they say. i have no opinions of my own
Admin back to the mirv question...
Herb (has printout of question and is showing it to ler and les)
Ler i think this guy mirv has too much time...
Stinky Do you remember the pyscodelic zombies from denver?
Les i do since the keybaordist is the keyboardist for weaopn of choice now. a fine player i'd like to play with him sometime.
James who was the best man at les' wedding? ler?
Les trous was
Ler i was the worst man
Admin Trous is Primus' Tour Manager, fyi
Launder I have heard there's a new Laundry album coming out. Is it true?
Herb no
funkmeister are you going to reggae on the river this year?
Les nope
funkmeister why not?
Les beacause i'm going to douche that day...
all where is it?
funkmeister please go to reggae just to go it's fun. it's by garberville
Les (pause).. ok i'll go
vicki question: was always curious about what was behind the appearance on 'bill and ted's excellent adventure' - how did that come about?
Les i dunno... why did we?
Ler we didn't know any better
Les it was fun.. nice to see our heads on the big screen.
vicki hee hee hee :)
Les we got free beer. we got to by keanu reeves and say "wassup"
Admin hmmm... les has picked up a sharp knife
Jimmer What does Southbound Pachyderm represent?
Les it's supposed to be a refernce to the slow but sure disappearance of our thick skinned beasts which are rhinos, elephants and such going south... going bad... if you watch mtv every hour for the next month you'll see it once.
KeTT- hey ler: it says on the punchbowl cd that you use bic lighters....have you ever lit farts with bic lighters?
Ler no comment
Herb he's the king of flame
Admin we have to wrap things up here now, we've gone over our 1/2 hour already :}
Admin some closing comments..
M. Goldberg what's the one special thing for you from this tour?
Herb playing golf with les and ler
Ler saving the universe from space robots
Les the highlight of my touring was when i almost blinded our assistant road manager with a pellet gun. an adrenaline moment... he stuck his head out and the wrong time. and me being the dead eye ... it was sad... it was evil. children shouldn't do that.
Admin note: i talked to tim "soya" soylan later and his eye was healed nicely. certainly a reminder how dangerous it can be to toy around! take care out there...
Admin thanks for all who tuned in
Admin we'll put up a transcript of this chat later on the web site http://www.mediacast.com/
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