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Goldfinger Goldfinger's set in RealAudio 28.8k

Goldfinger just flew in from NY to play this show and they're on the way to Atlanta tomorrow morning. So, we did not get much time to chat.

The confusing thing about all their jet-setting is that they are from LA, I mean they all live in Los Angeles. But, Simon Williams (bass) is from New Zealand. Simon told us his parents would be watching the live on-line broadcast in Australia. He wanted to send them a sweet message via the Internet,

Goldfinger should be playing there in sometime in October. Simon's been living in LA for five years and playing with this band for the last two.

[Goldfinger: Simon]
"Hey mom and dad, I love you and I wish you were here. I'll see you this year when we go there on tour."

Darrin Pfeiffer (drums), boasting an LA Kings t-shirt, is actually from Buffalo, NY. Darrin wants everyone to know he's a hockey fan.

Lead singer and guitarist, John Feldman is from Saratoga, CA. He likes playing big venues like the BGCH. In his words,

"It's rad. There are lots of little girls throwing their training bras at you."

That leaves us with the guitarist, Charlie, who has a "no interview policy". So we're going to guess he's from LA.

Also, live Goldfinger perform a ditty called "Fuck LA" - about the Music Industry - so maybe they all want to move back to their respective homes...

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[Goldfinger: Charlie]
Report by Gloria Dios
of JetPack Magazine