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Weapon of Choice Weapon Of Choice's set in RealAudio 28.8k

So here we are, just a few moments before the show, gathered around in the lounge area backstage. The members of Weapon of Choice are just chillin' and enjoying each others' nutfunky company. When we inform the band that their show is going to be on the net they look at each other. Meganut, the master nut of the funkynuttychunky gang stares at us for a while and breaks the silence by uttering this nut of a line: "Connecting by way of the Internut is sheer utter nutness."

Weapon Of Choice: Mark Cross
"Connecting by way of the Internut is sheer utter nutness."

Weapon Of Choice: Meganut

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Weapon Of Choice: Band In Air
Weapon Of Choice dishes out nutness energy live.

Weapon Of Choice: Meganut
"We're gonna keep the funk raw," boasts Meganut.

With that the nutty members of the band "crack up" and the ice is broken.

The feeling you get when you're hanging out with these guys is that you're looking at the real thing. The real cool. These guys are cool. But not the kind of cool you see in the middle of the home pages set up by those bastids that have totally bought into the net hype, you know what I'm talking about "check out my cool links," or "cool people," or "go to this address to see a COOL picture of yo' mamma's belly button." Nah dude, these guys are the definition of cool. They are honest to nutness cool.

Weapon of Choice is not just another funk band full of youngsters that have gotten a chance to tour with a couple of big names. These nutcrackers have jammed with Trulio Digracias, Eugene Marshall and the nuttiest of the nuts, George Clinton himself. But even when they're "name dropping" these nuts stay cool and talk about other musicians in a really brotherly (or sisterly) sort of way, describing the experience and how their encounter with these various other musicians affected them musically and spiritually.

"George Clinton is the funk that busted this nut," says Meganut.

So what about tonight's show, how do you nuts feel about it?

"We're gonna keep the funk raw," boasts Meganut. "In this tour we've seen people jump so high they could just about knock a nut out of a squirrel's mouth."

"Touring is fun... fun...
Fundamental for makin' it as a band.
Cause you're fired... fired...
fired up to do the show tonite.
Band meeeeeeeting... Band Meeeeeeeting..."
Touring is fun... fun..."
-Finn Hammer

Hyperspice gives you a choice of funk: with or without nuts.

Report by Victor Escobedo of JetPack Magazine