Primus Contest
Primus Cheezy Giveaway Contest!

Register to win one of the cool prizes...
(Don't worry, we won't giving your addresses to anyone-- it's all for demographic info)
Just what are
the cool prizes, you ask?
20 Enhanced Tales From The Punchbowl CDs
10 Primus tshirts
Autographed tour posters
20 Live105 tshirts
Special bonus stuff after the show
(when we con the band and Bob Cock into giving it to us)
Winners have been chosen by a random drawing from correct responses!
They will be contacted by the end of June and notified of what prize they've won.
T H E . Q U E S T I O N S
Q1: What's the name of Les' house? a) Rancho Cucamonga
b) Mustang Ranch
c) Rancho Relaxo
d) Les' House
Q2: What's the name of Herb's side band? a) Sausage
b) Stone Temple Pilots
c) Chalk
d) Laundry
Q3: What was the name of the band Les and Ler were in together before Primus? a) Blind Illusion
b) Posessed
c) Hamster
d) Tommy Crank Band
Name: Email:
Street: City:
State: Zip:
Country: Age: Gender:
We have already received plenty of submissions. Keep your eye for an announcement of the winners and winners will receive information on receiving their prizes in about a week! Thanks to all who entered!

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