Friday, May 31, 1996

Talent: Joan Osborne
Venue : The Warfield
Event Top Page
Project Management
Jon Fox Cory Smith
Jon Fox
(producer/production co-ordinator)
Cory Smith
(production assistant)

Audio/Video Engineers
Marcus Buick Jesse Block
Marcus Buick
Jesse Block

Real-Time Audio/Video
Russ Granger Eric Davis
Russ Granger
Eric Davis
(Networking Engineer,
RealAudio Feed)

Content Production Team
Jon Luini Marc Brown Mike Levin
Jon Luini
(chat producer, webmaster)
Marc Brown
(editor, content manager)
JetPack Magazine
Mike Levin
(photo & graphics manipulation)
JetPack Magazine
Jack Satta Matthew Cardon
Jack Satta
(digital photography)
DigiLink LLC
Matthew Cardon
(digital photography)
DigiLink LLC
Clare Kleinedler
(chat moderator, show review)
Addicted To Noise
Laura Bellings
(writer, fan interviews)
JetPack Magazine
Bruce Hartly
(artist relations)
Mercury Records
Stephen Casner
Lou Meyer
Bill Ruck
(telos zephyr engineer)
With Special Thanks To
David Repp of AKG, Bill Graham Productions, Digilink, DAT on Site, Mercury Records, Peter Malkin, RockWeb, Meesha Halm, KFOG-FM, Local 16 Intl. Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine operators

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