Security and Freedom Through Encryption (SAFE) Forum
9am - 4pm PDT

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On July 1, 1996, the Security and Freedom Through Encryption (SAFE) Forum was netcast for everyone to tune in from the comfort of their home. We hope that those of you who were unable to make it to the West Coast to attend the forum in person find this an effective way to become educated by the experts as to why there is a pressing need to reform the U.S. encryption policy.

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Until we split the ~7 hour archive into separate pieces, here are some links which will drop you into the right location in the archive:
  • 0 - Welcome
  • 25min - The Need for Locks and Keys on the GII: An Encryption Overview
  • 1hr 10min - Technology Demo: The Need for Locks & Keys --Packet Sniffing on the Internet (Cylink)
  • 1hr 21min - (15 minute break)
  • 1hr 26min - (Interview) - Chuck Williams, Cylink
  • 1hr 52min - How U.S. Encryption Policy Fails to Meet the Needs of Users
  • 2hr 52min - (1 hour lunch break) - Re-Broadcast of Dec 14, 1995 Rally For Free Speech in Cyberspace
  • 3hr 49min - (Interview) - Kent Walker, Chairman Computer Freedom, & Privacy Conference
  • 4hr 2min - The Cryptographer's Report: "Forty Bits Is Not Enough"
  • 4hr 49min - Addressing Law Enforcement Concerns in a Constitutional Framework
  • 6hr 21min - (Interview) - Cindy Cohn, McGlashan & Sarrail
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During the forum, Internet users worldwide were able to chat with others also listening to the forum and discuss the issues at hand! The MediaCast chat is available by opening a telnet connection to host and logging in as user icb.

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The event runs from 9am - 4pm PDT. There are a few 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch break from 11:45am - 1pm. A full schedule of speakers is available here.

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