Ninja Tune
DJ Tour - August 17, 1996

MediaCast is providing a live RealAudio feed live from MISSION ROCK in the China Basin of San Francisco in conjunction with Dimension 7's on-location and virtual production of Ninja Tune's DJ Tour. Featured DJs include Coldcut, DJ Food, & Funki Porcini.

Travel to the Dimension 7 event page for information on the time, a sign-in board, and information about the CU-SeeMe feed which is also being arranged.

Countdown To Live Feed! 8:34pm PST: We are onsite and set up and awaiting our audio feed from the board to begin broadcasting.

8:48pm: We are LIVE! Click on the link below to listen.

2:20am: The scene is still happening, but we're finally packing up for the evening. The DJs will continue to spin until 4am and the crowd remains impenetrable!

Check out the photos we've posted so far (more to come!):

Jon Fox's Digital Photo Gallery
Cory Smith's Digital Photo Gallery

Find out more about Ninja Tune at their home page.

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