Luscious Jackson live netcast 10/19/96 from Great American Music Hall
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LUSCIOUS JACKSON, attacking the road for an aggressive promotional tour for the their new album Fever In Fever Out descend in a big way onto the Internet. The second of six shows prior to the release finds them in the heart of San Francisco at the historial Great American Music Hall, where MediaCast and Capitol Records proudly present them in this live netcast.

how to tune in
The live broadcast is scheduled to start Sat Oct 19, 1996 at 10pm (rock show time). We expect Luscious Jackson to take the stage at approximately 10:30pm. The show will be streamed live using Xing Streamworks for both audio and video. You will need a Xing player to receive the live audio/video and a modern browser (such as Netscape or MSIE) to view the other content from onsite. To attempt to help you through this process, we've included the following form for you-- simply fill it out and press Go! and you will receive pointers to all of the software you need!
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At the top of this page is a navigation bar to take you into the different areas where we will be presenting content. A similar version of this navigation bar will appear on the top of all other areas of the site. Here is a quick reference table as to what is where:
MUSIC the page of information and links to start receiving the live audio & video stream.
IMAGES a digital photo gallery of what it's like to actually be there-- the venue, the fans, sneak a peak backstage, and the band (of course!)
WORDS Addicted To Noise correspondent Rebecca Eisenberg is going to be on the scene working hand in hand with MediaCast to bring you the scene in good old fashioned text. plans are for a few reports throughout the night which cover what sort of people are there, what the scene backstage looks like, a quick interview with the band, and a review once the show is over.
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more luscious jackson!
still can't get enough of the band? want to know more about them before (& after) the show? well, the first and foremost place you'll want to look is over on the Capitol Records' Hollywood & Vine web site. another great source of information is to search with one of the popular search engines on the 'Net, such as Yahoo:

our thanx to
consider this our version of those long-winded academy awards speeches where we go on and on and on and on about everyone who has helped us at MediaCast put this event together.

Addicted to Noise (
On location staff to interview the band, as well as produce reviews of the show which will be available on both the ATN and MediaCast sites.

ISP Networks (
San Francisco based Internet Service Provider who is supplying the network dial-up for the show.

Farallon Computing Inc. (
Supplying the ISDN modems and ethernet hubs which facilitate the transfer of content from the venue to MediaCast's servers.

WebCondo (
Internet Co-location company supplying the backbone and bandwidth for the event.

On-location crew:
GAMH Tech Support - Sheri Harshberger
Production Coordinator - Jon Fox
Tech Dir / Webmaster - Jon Luini
Networking / Audio Tech / Roving Video - Eric Davis
Html / Living Web Page Integrator - Ishak Kang
Writer / Interviewer - Rebecca Eisenberg
Digital Still Photographers - Matt Carden and Jack Satta
Roving Video and Photography - Eric Harshberger
Photography / Audio Tech - Cory Smith
Betacam Video Crew - Michael West and Ian Wadsworth
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