The Members of the Artists Formerly Known as Weird Blinking Lights

Sat, Nov 9, 1996
10pm and on

We at MediaCast are always interested in testing out technologies and new locations so we're doing a bit of both and letting y'all know about it. Broadcasting direct from Cyborganic's ( new headquarters on Mission in San Francisco, we'll be sending out an audio and video Xing Streamworks feed of Members of the Artists Formerly Known as Weird Blinking Lights & Friends.

Weird Blinking Lights, self described as "a music/ambience ensemble dedicated to electronic music performance and environments," in undergoing some internal adaptation to the world surrounding it will be performing this evening. This group of folks have been regulars at all of those "cool SF inside scene parties" of the geeks in the area, and hey, if they like 'em, why wouldn't you? Besides, they also appeared out at the Burning Man event earlier (though we couldn't find cable long enough to include them in our netcast).

We are especially interested in feedback for this event, so if you do tune in, make sure to let us know your comments!

how to tune in
The live broadcast is scheduled to start Sat Nov 9, 1996 at around 10pm and continue for many hours. The show will be streamed live using Xing Streamworks for both audio and video. You will need a Xing player to receive the live audio/video and a modern browser (such as Netscape or MSIE) to view the other content from onsite. To attempt to help you through this process, we've included the following form for you-- simply fill it out and press Go! and you will receive pointers to all of the software you need! Once you are configured, follow this link to start the live audio and video.
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more info
want to know more about them before (& after) the show? well, check out SRM's WBL Page and Caliban's WBL Page for all the info you need!

our thanx to
consider this our version of those long-winded academy awards speeches where we go on and on and on and on about everyone who has helped us at MediaCast put this event together.

Cyborganic (
Supplying the network feed from onsite to our servers and the physical space for the event.

WebCondo (
Internet Co-location company supplying the backbone and bandwidth for the event.
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