Oz OZONE Party

On-scene Coverage
Mar 13, 1997

Some Get It, Some Don't
By Aimee Spanier

People are congregating around the computer terminals, creating avatars, exploring Ozone, interacting. They're walking, talking, dancing...they seem to be getting it.

One couple approaches a computer manned by an Oz staff member. They peer at the screen for a moment, lean in for a better look and think about what they're seeing. The woman, feeling bold, taps the Ozoner on the shoulder, no doubt to ask a probing, intelligent question about the virtual world.

"So, is this where you, you know, make an avatar so you can party with people online, so you don't have to party with the people here?"

Well, um, sure. You could look at it that way. Luckily, most of the people here don't.

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