Oz OZONE Party

On-scene Coverage
Mar 13, 1997

AB 01 Deborah Grobman & Ted Schlissel - out to see what their daughter Dara, promotions manager for OZ, is up to
AB 02 Deborah Grobman & Ted Schlissel with Spenser the Katt from PC Week
AB 03 The guys from PC Week promoting their new offering PCWeek Radio - Stan Gibson, Sal Collora and Spenser F. Kattz
AB 04 Carlos Newcomb - Out to write a story on OZ for the International Journal of Virtual Reality.
AB 05 Samule Albert & Robley Curtice came to check out the scene and to make sure that they are on the inside track for New Media with their "Inside Report on New Media".
AB 06 David Sternlight - " This place is great.. it's dark and all woman are beautiful and all men are hansom." He also writes for Innovative Electronics Review.
AB 07 Benjamin Brochstein is out from Texas, where as a Lawyer, he is asked to speak often about the Web and it's uses. In California he says he's just a "Newbie" but in Texas he's an evangalist. His friend, Laren Leander from TRW, is also fenatic about learning about the Internet. "Lawyers Go NET"
AB 08 Craig LaGrow, VP Business Patnerships, and Randy Rucker both from Genuity, swat-teamed the wiring of the building.
AB 09 Three Icelandic beauties out to do a story on OZ "Oz is great!"
AB 10 Jamaal working on a documentary on Cyber Culter.
AB 11 Erick and Linda Von Schwebber - write for PC Mag and cover cool topic like 3d and VRML They have the best jackets!!!
AB 12 David & Karen - not sure why they are here... but thought it might be fun to see what's going on with the Internet.
AB 13 Rita from Crammed Discs with her "assistant" Tommy. Here to check out the Internet stuff.
AB 14 Bob Schwarz - Hemp advocate and host of the Joanne Rand's web site. He also distributes hemp flour and hemp oil. Check him out at greener.com.

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