[MediaCast] The Great American Music Hall

Sunday, June 1, 1997 // 8pm - 10:30pm PST

Richard Bob Lori Bob Joe Bob
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Make sure you have downloaded the software you need (above). Editorial coverage (show review, interview with the band) was updated throughout the show and is available in the Bobs Exposed! link above. Click on the RealAudio Archive image to listen to an archive of the entire performance.

8:15pm PST - SET ONE
Banana Love, Light My Fire, Unchain My Heart, Looking For A Late Model Love, Searchin', Song-O-Matic Winner ("There's A Nosering In My Soup"), Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Mr. Duality, Like A Parrot, Spontaneous Human Combustion


9:25pm PST - SET TWO

Caravan, Is It Something That I Said, Why Not Right Now?, Particle Man, Bong Water Daze, Signs On The Line, Stranger Than Love, Purple Haze


Cowboy Lips (barbershop quartet version), Bird On A Wire, 47 Reasons

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