Bana Witt: The Erotic Content is Incidental
Bana Witt Interview
By Suki O'Kane

Prepped to interview the mighty maven of the San Francisco pre-HIV swing scene, a pioneer of womenıs erotic voice, a slam champion and a survivor, I instead found an artist in transition. Dressed in subtle black, Bana took the upright chair and started talking about the themes for tonight's performance.

Basically, I get to say whatever I want, when I want.

But is that where youıre at? Ultra core?

No, itıs about self-expression.

The erotic content is-- Incidental.

Performance. Totally different material. I work with a gypsy guitarist who accompanies my readings. Heıs tremendous. I tend to think music and spoken word is generally unsuccessful, but this is working really well. Tonightıs work will draw primarily from the early stuff.

She thumbs through two well-worn books -- one, Mobius Supper. The other, Eclipse of Reason.

Technically out of print, she says shyly

There are two copies upstairs.

No kidding.

Backstage, Bana is chilling with some pulp fiction culled from the dollar boxes at the entrance to the neighborhood bookstore. Eight blocks up, another troupe of businessmen take their tentative steps into the swimming pool blue box of the OıFarrell Theater. Welcome to the authentic story.

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