On The Conference Floor: SECURITY ALERT!

By Aimee Spanier

In the course of gathering data for my hard-hitting piece on the real behind-the-scenes totally true story of the annals of a Web Conference, I was caught--without my badge! As I was meticulously noting (in my super-secret shorthand code, unreadable to everyone, including myself) the minute details of the booths and the people who staff them, a large scary ill-fitting-suited man snuck up behind me. "Excuse me!" he boomed, using the time-honored security technique of halting potential trespassers by exploding their eardrums with sheer vocal volume. "Can I see your badge?!?"

Registration Booth

Well, having arrived here at 7 a.m., long before the registration table was set up (though I dont know that for a fact; I was still essentially asleep), I hadnt gotten my badge yet. I explained this to Boomer, who reluctantly refrained from tossing me out of the building, instead following me back to the MediaCast booth to get my ID and escorting me to the door, sneering (loudly), The registration booth is down the stairs to the right!

Per his instructions, I obtained my badge with a minimum of difficulty, grabbed the conference literature packet and headed back to the MC booth, taking a detour towards Boomer to wave my badge victoriously at him. I was able to resume my reporting duties again, and will share the fruits of my labor with you shortly.

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