Exhibition Floor Attendee Interviews

By Monika Halkort

Sudakashina Sarkar, Mutlimedia Student
"What's this? Oh, streaming video. Great! Can you do that live? I'm a student and am trying to learn all there is to know about the Web."

Josh Weinstein
"The coolest thing are the pool tables. I haven't seen that at a conference before!"

Glen Bever, System Architect
"I like the conference because it's small. You really get to talk to people at the booth. In my field there are databases and heavy traffic solutions. So I was collecting infromation on object oriented databases. This netcasting might be an interesting thing to do, I'll pass on information about what's possible."

"This can't be streaming on the Internet, do you have a VCR behind the booth?"

American living in Japan
"I just popped in trying to educate myself about the latest technology. I live in Japan, and it seems we are still way behind as far as the Web goes over there- at least by half a year, a year even. So instead of reading Japanese computer magazines, which takes me quite a while, I come over here and get a hands on experience of what the latest technology is all about."

Chris Stone, Product Manager
"The whole idea about the web was to take television to another realm. Right now the web is still very static. But walking around WebINNOVATION I learned we are finally getting there. Seems all the tools and technolgies are catching up to what the Web is all about. Live video/audio bradcasts and dynamic 3D Worlds. That's the future! I love 3D, VRML, streaming video. That's the stuff that will make it happen."

"I am just trying to keep up with what's going on in order to know enough for making the right decisions for my company. I will never really be an expert, tools and technology change way too quickly for that. But I do my best. I am trying not to get lost in the noise."

Web Publisher
"I am just gazing. Collecting stuff for my production crew. But so far I haven't seen anything that really turned me on. The whole event seems a little diffused, not focused. What's the overall goal of this? I haven't figured it out yet, maybe I will. This is the first time that I actually have been able to take a closer look at all the different products presented here. But so far I am not all that excited yet."

"We are looking for audio tools do do live broadcasts on the web. We want to do radio shows. What's the best software to do that ? Real Audio, or is there something else?"

"MediaCast- yeah, we know you, we know Jon Luini and have followed him for quite sometime, he's cool!"

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