Sim Dating Sex Scene
Sim Dating Sex Scene


Sim Dating Sex Scene


Complete dirty quests and restore the college to its former glory. Oh yeah, and don t forget to fuck all the girls you ll meet along the way on your sexual journey to glory! Build your town like in Sim City Fuck as if you re on the wildest ride in Roller Coaster Tycoon! You ll get to move around the map and build all kinds of assets for your campus and as you slowly expand it, you ll also be able to see more and more girls walking around college.

By interacting with these "hot girls", you ll be able to unlock more sex scenes.

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In other words; plenty of eye candy for the real hentai freaks amongst us! There are many ways to play the game without doing anything or seeing anything NSFW so you can freely just pop the game open at work to progress the building of your campus.


You can even play it while commuting since large portions of the game revolve around collecting resources and expanding your college influence. You choose when you want to engage in sex scenes, and you can always go back to them if you want to enjoy them again because of the phenomenal art style.

Even though, I wouldn t recommend watching any of the hentai clips in public, considering things on your screen can get quite kinky. Quest-based gameplay with building and sex mechanics While there are plenty of quests to go through, the main thing you re probably going to play College Life for, are of course, the fap-tastic sex scenes. These aren t too interactive, but you can definitely go through them over and over again when you want to jerk off to this game.

At the same time, the quest mechanics can definitely be very fun as they have RPG elements and visual novel elements too.


You also have a matchmaking vibe to the game as you chase these girls around and try to seduce them into fucking you, so it s definitely somewhat of a dating sim as well. The building part is also definitely worth mentioning!

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It s pretty fun as you ll get to customize your campus however you like and however you see fit! And that s quite the compliment!


For one, the character creator is somewhat limited. There are a total of three models you can choose from, which are categorized by ethnicity Asian, White, or Black ; there are only three preset breast size options—small, medium, and large; and yet another three more options for booty size. Yeah, they say good things come in threes, but not in this case.

What if you want her to have tattoos?

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The developers missed the mark here. So, fingers crossed we get more choices in the future. As far as the sex sim game mechanics are concerned, we have no complaints there.

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