The Mermen Live @ KFCJ - May 25, 1996
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We find out just how into it Allen gets Roz Jones controls the mix safe in sound room Mark Dickson- guitar tech and more!
Your host- Phil Dirt! Jim's choice of guitars for the evening Another "typical" Mermen interview
Jim decides to actually say something-- what a surprise! Allen Whitman holds up the walkie talkie to the mic to hear Jim Thomas deep in thought
A look at some of Jim's complex effects setup Check out Allen's punky hair cut! Inspired by the Rickenbacker 12string, Jim runs through a brief instrumental of "Mr. Tambourine Man"
Jim's guitar needs tuning after typical (ab)use Martyn plays, fueled by rare (*gasp*) vinyl lining the walls behind him Look real close and you might see John Entwistle's signature on Allen's bass
A Jim's-eye view of some of his insane effects Martyn's classic "squeak technique" at work Jim twiddles knobs during his monstrous feedback
Allen makes his bass rig roar with feedback

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