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set list for may 31, 1996

choose an audio format, then click on the eye next to the song you would like to hear. all clips are 30 seconds in length. you're best selection for streaming audio is to choose the default of "realaudio 3.0 auto" which will automatically play the best quality based on your player and connection speed.


song # song name song # song name
1. Pensacola 8. Mind Fulla Worries
2. Right Hand Man 9. Dracula
3. Spider Web 10. One Of Us
4. Help Me 11. Crazy Baby
5. Long Black Coat 12. Ladder
6. Century 13. (Jam with Spearhead)
7. Hammerhead 14. St. Teresa
14.4k modem users may wish to select the realaudio 28.8k (download) format and download the file first instead of streaming over the net. if you have other streaming problems, try this mode as well.

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