Adult Theater Hookups
Adult Theater Hookups


Adult Theater Hookups

There are very few standalone theaters anymore — two years ago, the Most often you find them attached to sex shops. Are theatergoers the same demographic as the sex shop customers, then? How many customers do they get? Are there, like, distributors and rights fees and stuff? The theater owns copies of movies and someone just pushes play. So are they just putting in a DVD? They used to, but not anymore.

Okay, tell me about the jizz moppers.

Adventure in the Adult Theater

The janitors do eight-hour shifts, during which the theater will get cleaned two to three times. They mop. They wipe everything down. They disinfect.

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They change the trash can liners. This may be a bit of an outlier, though: Regular customers tell Illy this theater is by far the cleanest in town. How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you?

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Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? After a while I got up the courage to ask if she wanted to play. I was thinking about getting pegged, but she apparently misunderstood me.

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We went into a private room and both got naked. She handed me a condom and got into doggie style position.

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She had a shaved pussy that looked amazing, so I decided to hell with it. She turned around and sucked my dick for a minute to get me hard. The sight of her doing that is one of the memories of this event that stand out the most.

Search result: adult theater cruising

After a while I asked her to turn over so I could penetrate her in missionary, which I prefer. So I started pumping her really hard. Then the rubber broke. I pulled out and we stopped for a short while.

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There was a TV in the room playing porn. She watched and made some remarks. I stroked my cock with one hand and played with her tits with the other. I asked if she would peg me.

I said no, and suggested we go at it again. She was enthused. She got out another rubber, and this time she poured some lube from her magic backpack on my dick before putting the rubber on.

I fucked her hard for a while. I played with the head a bit then as I ran my finger down to his balls, but instead I found a very tight wet pussy! He licked his hand clean, then got up and left, never saying a word!

I leaned back with a limp cock in my lap and watched the movie for a while feeling pretty satisfied with the evening. I was not touching my cock, just letting it rise to the occasion.

Hookup In The Theater

He looked at my cock for a few min, then reached over and began to stroke it. My cock responded to his touch by getting harder and thicker. I reached over and took his cock and began to stroke it.