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On May 7, 1996, the Internet sucked! Why? On that day, Primus, whose fans compliment them with yells of "Primus sucks!", crash landed onto the 'net with a live broadcast from their San Francisco, CA performance. Hosting the fine affair will be the eminent Bob C. Cock himself, fresh back in the country from a regular cleansing ritual. Leading up to (and following) the event, we have Tales From The Road filtering in. These Primus road reports are brimming with audio and video gems and other chunky morsels. Take a side trip over to the Cheezy Giveaway where you can answer some Primus trivia questions for winning some free swag (sorry, we've received more than enough answers!) Don't forget to make sure your computer is configured to properly interact with the May 7th event, and view the content which has been captured as well. Let MediaCast sneak you backstage on our pass!

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